Mediative is born, long live to Mediative!

Today marks the launch of the new Yellow Pages Group company that I have been working for recently. The company is called Mediative, and it represents an incredible range of integrated digital marketing opportunities.

My role at Mediative will be to create, bring to the market and manage a new Lead Management Optimization service offering. The goal is to help companies building a revenue marketer practice and we will do that by delivering best in class Lead Management Optmization strategies as well as Sales & Marketing Automation solutions implementation.

Read the case study demonstrating how lead management optimization have generated results.
Superior Lead Nurturing Boosts Opportunities And Reduce Cost by Over 50%

On the corporate side, Mediative acquired multiple companies in order to be created. Among them, I want to mention Enquiro, which is part of the same division (Performance Marketing division) that I am working for. As Gord Hotchkiss, co-founder of Enquiro, mentioned on it’s Out of my Gord blog, “Enquiro has been a strong contributor to the search marketing landscape over the past 14 years and this new partnership will allows us to take a step in a new direction.”

Who we are and what makes us unique
Mediative is one of North America’s largest integrated digital marketing companies. Our results-oriented marketing network is supported by industry thought leaders and a data-driven platform.

Mediative helps agencies and businesses connect with the right customers faster and more efficiently because we focus on intent combined with location. We understand how people interact with media once they are engaged in the buying cycle, and leverage this understanding to maximize marketing investment. We are also able to increase the value of integrated digital campaigns through our proprietary premium sites and verticals such as autos, real estate and retail.

Mediative has over 150 employees across four Canadian offices: Montreal, Toronto, Kelowna and Vancouver.
More details on the Mediative corporate fact sheet.

Check the new Website at

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Comment convertir vos prospects en clients grâce au marketing

Aujourd’hui je présente le cas d’Acquisio à la journée Big Bang du Forum Commercialisation pour les TIC à Montréal. Il s’agit de montrer comment Acquisio réussi à générer suffisament de leads grâce à ses activités de marketing et aussi grâce à son processus de gestion des leads.

Voici donc ma présentation:

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Mint to be acquired by Intuit for $170M

Simply amazing. Mint managed to be acquired by Intuit for $170M in 3 years. You can read full coverage of the news on TechCrunch, as Mint was the TechCrunch 40 winner 2 years ago! Intuit even made a move to understand Mint better last February.

Techcrunch news

Aaron Patzer, Mint Founder & CEO, comment on the news

Intuit move to analyze Mint

It seems that Intuit was inspire by the classic Remington advertising slogan:

“I liked it so much, I bought the company!”

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Acquisio to acquire PageVester from Emovendo

Finally, it’s now public! Acquisio, a leading provider of Paid Search Management Software, announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all asset of Emovendo, including PageVester technology. PageVester is a very cool landing page application and it was Emovendo’s flagship product.

As the founder of Emovendo, I’m very happy to see our friends at Acquisio acquire PageVester technology and integrate it into its core offering. I’m now closing the final chapter of my 2nd start-up!

Marc Poirier, CMO of Acquiso, gave a sneak preview when he answered question #5 during an interview to Search Engine Watch magazine last week at the SES San Jose 2009 show.

See below for the full press release.


Acquisio Enters into Agreement to Acquire Landing Page Maker Emovendo

- Combination Will Provide the Industry’s First and Only End-to-End Paid Search Productivity Suite -

Montreal, QC, Canada – August 10, 2009 – Acquisio inc., a leading provider of Paid Search Management Software, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all assets of privately held Emovendo, including its flagship product, landing page application PageVester ( The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our offering. This is an important milestone. Our customers will soon be able to gain control over the part of their marketing campaigns which has been in the hands of IT for so long, the infamous landing page” says Marc Poirier, Co-Founder of Acquisio.

“This technology allows marketers with absolutely no design or IT skills to assemble professional looking, dynamic landing pages, complete with forms, validation rules, and so much more. The application is also fully integrated with and can automatically feed it with every new captured lead”, explains Martin Le Sauteur, CEO at Acquisio.

Marketers using the Acquisio SEARCH platform will now have complete control over the entire cycle of their clients’ marketing campaigns. Alexandre Pelletier, founder and former CEO of Emovendo, says “Not only does PageVester allow users to rapidly build and deploy professional landing pages, it also supports the creation and management of A/B tests with Google Website Optimizer”. A/B tests allow marketers to present alternating versions of the same page to its site visitors in order to determine which one provides the best ROI.

Marc Poirier adds “Tweaking ad copy and bids is essential stuff, but it will only take you so far. You need to work on  post-click activity. This is where PageVester comes in. It delivers instant value to its users by simplifying landing page creation and A/B test implementation.”

About Acquisio

Acquisio is the creator of Acquisio SEARCH ( a Software-as-a-Service solution designed specifically for on-line advertising agencies managing pay-per-click campaigns on Google, Yahoo and BING. Acquisio’s set of applications empowers campaign managers, allowing them to spend less time building and launching campaigns, and spend more time on strategy and intelligent campaign refinement.

# # #

Contact: Marc Poirier, Chief Marketing Officer
Acquisio inc.
450.465.2631 x210

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The Dentist

For us who work in technology, we sometimes don’t really appreciate how new technology can evolve some of the basics because we are constantly looking for the new thing that will come out. But today, I witness how simple things came become way better with a little help of technology.

I went to the dentist for my annual cleaning. They updated my file by taking pictures of my teeth. Yes, they took about 12 pictures inside my mouth and saved them in my file. Now next time I will come they will be able to compare the evolution and everything a dentist would like to check.

Ok, no big deal, no revolution. But I just realized how technology can create brand new businesses. Camera and PC are taken for granted now, but with the quality of image that improve all the time, the fact that cameras are now small enough to fit in a phone, all you need is to find a new way to use them. The camera look like a tooth brush with a larger handle and when a picture is taken, a couple a small LED light up and Click… Your teeth are on the PC.

You bundle that with easy to use software to manage picture for each client and you have just created a brand new business that sells a very powerful product that every Dentist in the world will want to use. No need to invent new technology, just sit back and look where new technology can be use and you may find the next holy Graal!

Now the next step for that industry is marketing! Can someone tell me why I do still need to take a piece of paper to note my next appointment and that the receptionist will call me the day before? Please send my appointment to my calendar (Google…), remind me by email and why not sending me 2-3 offerings during the year… Now we are talking CRM… Apply what I just mention above and you might be on the edge to create brand new SAAS for Dentist Appointment Management based on Salesforce. No technology development, just packaging and commercialization…


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The Million Dollar Homepage 2.0

That is brilliant.

As seen on Techcrunch this Girl in your shirt really capture all the essence of Web 2.0. You take a viral idea, you use free technology to build a network and you monetize your exposure. I bet she will be sold out by the end of the year, just like the million dollar homepage did… And than the price will go up!

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