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How to convince higher management of Twitter’s value: Twitter 101 for business

Thursday, Twitter announced on it’s blog a new website that demonstrate how customers are getting value out of Twitter and suggest techniques businesses can employ to enhance that value. It is called: Twitter 101, A Special Guide. The content is very useful to help anyone to get started with Twitter. More over, it provides best practices and case studies.

So if your are currently working in an organization that is wondering what Twitter is all about and how to use it on a corporate level or if your are trying to convince higher management of Twitter’s value, you definitely want to read this guide. Twitter even provides the slides to use in your presentation.

Twitter 101, A Special Guide

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Saturday, July 25th, 2009 Inbound Marketing, Social Media 3,780 Comments

Shhttt! Don’t tell anyone how to use Twitter!

I have always been skeptical on Twitter. I mean I already have to update my Facebook status, my LinkedIn status, my blog, etc… so I felt that it would only take me more time to update my online presence.

But wait, I just read this wonderful guide on How to use Twitter by Guy Kawasaki. He simply describe in his legendary-useful-top-10-style-tips how he turned Twitter into a “twool”. Simply amazing!!!

I just created my Twitter account and start follow the most renowed people… You can start following me here.

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Thursday, December 11th, 2008 Inbound Marketing, Social Media 4,229 Comments

Does Facebook need more money?

I just notice this morning that Facebook added a new ad space. We use to have two ads on the right but they added a third one.

Market is not good for funding and as TechCrunch pointed 3 weeks ago and they might need cash very soon, so they are probably feeling the need to generate more revenue. ;-)


Friday, November 21st, 2008 Social Media 3,695 Comments

The Million Dollar Homepage 2.0

That is brilliant.

As seen on Techcrunch this Girl in your shirt really capture all the essence of Web 2.0. You take a viral idea, you use free technology to build a network and you monetize your exposure. I bet she will be sold out by the end of the year, just like the million dollar homepage did… And than the price will go up!

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Friday, November 14th, 2008 Social Media, Start-up 3,521 Comments