Best Practice: Lead Nurturing and Scoring and implementation

I’m looking to implement Lead Scoring in conjunction with our Lead Nurturing program. Typically, any lead that comes in goes in our 12 touch points nurturing program. We have exception for specific sources (ex: Trial request) in which case, the lead goes automatically to Sales without entering nurturing.

During the nurturing program, leads are score based on their behavior (open, click, page visit, etc…). Once a lead reaches the score threshold, it is transfer to Sales. Sales are reviewing the lead and have 3 choices:
a) Create an opportunity
b) Archive the lead (not a good fit or no interest)
c) Send back the lead to marketing for more nurturing

Couple of question to discuss:

1- When Sales are sending a lead back to marketing:
a. How do you affect the score? Do you reset it to “0” or reduce it by a certain amount of points?
b. How do you identify where the lead was in the nurturing program to continue at the same place once the lead is sent back to marketing?

2- If a lead reaches the threshold after 10 touch points and Sales send it back to marketing, the nurturing program continue but there is only 2 touch points left, if you diminish the score, it is most likely that this lead will never hit back the threshold… right? What are you doing to improve that?

3- We have planned our nurturing program with content to move the lead up in the revenue cycle. The first 4 touch points are for early stage, 5-8 are for mid stage and 9-12 are for late stage. If Sales are sending a lead that is mid stage back to marketing, how do you make sure this lead start the nurturing with the mid stage content instead of getting the first 4 touch points?

4- For reports purpose, after being sent back to marketing by Sales, if a lead reaches again the threshold, do you calculate these leads as “new leads” generated by marketing? If so, how do you tag them differently in your CRM?

5- If a lead never reaches the threshold after the 12 touch points, do you archive the lead as non-responsive and ultimately delete it?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts!

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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 Lead Management, Marketo 3,823 Comments