How much does a Hot Chocolate worth? At least 40$!

About 2 weeks before Christmas, my girlfriend and I were walking on the Street by a cold December day. Suddenly, a girl in front of a chocolate store offered us a free hot chocolate. No obligation. All we had to do was to walk in the store to pick it up. On our way in, we noticed all their Christmas shape chocolate. It was like fine art! We picked up our drinks and left without buying anything.

One week later, my girlfriend was still looking for last minute gifts and she suddenly remembered the Chocolate Store. She went back and actually bought for more than 40$ of chocolate gifts.

The initial offer was pleasant enough so we remembered it very well. If the offer would have been something like “Get a free Hot chocolate with a 10$ purchase” for example, we would have not even walk in the first time…

Marketing is all about creating a relation with customers. Not generating immediate revenues. I know it is kind of obvious, but I though a simple day-to-day life experience was cool to remind all of us!

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Friday, January 16th, 2009 Marketing 3,427 Comments

The Dentist

For us who work in technology, we sometimes don’t really appreciate how new technology can evolve some of the basics because we are constantly looking for the new thing that will come out. But today, I witness how simple things came become way better with a little help of technology.

I went to the dentist for my annual cleaning. They updated my file by taking pictures of my teeth. Yes, they took about 12 pictures inside my mouth and saved them in my file. Now next time I will come they will be able to compare the evolution and everything a dentist would like to check.

Ok, no big deal, no revolution. But I just realized how technology can create brand new businesses. Camera and PC are taken for granted now, but with the quality of image that improve all the time, the fact that cameras are now small enough to fit in a phone, all you need is to find a new way to use them. The camera look like a tooth brush with a larger handle and when a picture is taken, a couple a small LED light up and Click… Your teeth are on the PC.

You bundle that with easy to use software to manage picture for each client and you have just created a brand new business that sells a very powerful product that every Dentist in the world will want to use. No need to invent new technology, just sit back and look where new technology can be use and you may find the next holy Graal!

Now the next step for that industry is marketing! Can someone tell me why I do still need to take a piece of paper to note my next appointment and that the receptionist will call me the day before? Please send my appointment to my calendar (Google…), remind me by email and why not sending me 2-3 offerings during the year… Now we are talking CRM… Apply what I just mention above and you might be on the edge to create brand new SAAS for Dentist Appointment Management based on Salesforce. No technology development, just packaging and commercialization…


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Thursday, November 20th, 2008 Marketing, Start-up, Technology 3,459 Comments