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Planning the right content for your lead nurturing programs

Lead Nurturing Content Selection

Lead Nurturing Content Selection

Anyone who has started looking at lead nurturing realized that content is a key element. In fact, it plays a strong role in determining if the nurturing program works or not. So writing good content should be a top priority within any nurturing program.

When I plan the content for my clients, I always start by defining the different track of nurturing we will build. As a general rule, I recommend to have 3 tracks that cover the 3 main stage of the sale cycle:

  • Track A – Early Stage
  • Track B – Mid Stage
  • Track C – Late Stage

Track A – Early Stage
Thought leadership and best practices to build brand and awareness: ebooks, blog post, webinars.

Track B – Mid Stage
Be the Trusted advisor: Buyers guides, RFP templates and industry information to help structure research.

Track C – Late Stage
Company-specific information to help evaluate and reaffirm selection: Why your company is the best.

Before creating new content,  I’m looking at all different pieces the client may already have like, white paper, ebook, videos, podcast, blog post, etc… Then we start aligning the content in each track and we can easily see where we are missing content, which automatically set the editorial agenda for future content development. I do that process with little cards representing each piece of content. Easy to move around, it also give a better overview that in a spreadsheet for example (see picture above).

There are no science (yet!) on which of your content should go first, but think about the whole nurturing program as a conversation. You want to make that the progression make sense and basic concept in your industry are covered first.

As any performance marketing initiative, testing and metrics will help you figure out what works best. I usually create 2 or 3 versions of each tracks to validate if a version is converting more than others. To do so, I simply add my leads in random sample to each version and look at results over time.

For additional resources, Marketo wrote a very useful guide about creating content that sells.

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