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How to get started with lead nurturing

Ok, the topic is getting hot in your company and everybody is saying “We need to nurture our leads!”, but as the marketing manager, you ask yourself: “Where should I start?”.

Before getting started, you will want to read on the topic. I recommend Marketo B2B Tools & Resources & Brian Caroll B2B Lead Generation Blog.

Get started with lead nurturing in 6 steps:

Step 1: Review your current lead to opportunity to customer process. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of how your leads are moving from one stage to the next one and what is their source.

Step 2: Make sure you have a lead scoring model in place in order to help you determine if leads are ready to engage with sales or remain in nurturing.

Step 3: Determine how many touch point you will have in your nurturing program. You may want to have different programs for new leads or recycled leads.

Step 4: Create useful content for your leads adapted to each stage of their buy cycle.

Step 5: Implement your content in your sales & marketing automation tool.

Step 6: Track results and optimize.

Of course each of these steps will require different level of implication depending on the complexity of your organization, but a good lead nurturing implementation should go through each of these steps.

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Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 Lead Management, Marketing 4,168 Comments

Acquisio to acquire PageVester from Emovendo

Finally, it’s now public! Acquisio, a leading provider of Paid Search Management Software, announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all asset of Emovendo, including PageVester technology. PageVester is a very cool landing page application and it was Emovendo’s flagship product.

As the founder of Emovendo, I’m very happy to see our friends at Acquisio acquire PageVester technology and integrate it into its core offering. I’m now closing the final chapter of my 2nd start-up!

Marc Poirier, CMO of Acquiso, gave a sneak preview when he answered question #5 during an interview to Search Engine Watch magazine last week at the SES San Jose 2009 show.

See below for the full press release.


Acquisio Enters into Agreement to Acquire Landing Page Maker Emovendo

- Combination Will Provide the Industry’s First and Only End-to-End Paid Search Productivity Suite -

Montreal, QC, Canada – August 10, 2009 – Acquisio inc., a leading provider of Paid Search Management Software, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all assets of privately held Emovendo, including its flagship product, landing page application PageVester ( The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our offering. This is an important milestone. Our customers will soon be able to gain control over the part of their marketing campaigns which has been in the hands of IT for so long, the infamous landing page” says Marc Poirier, Co-Founder of Acquisio.

“This technology allows marketers with absolutely no design or IT skills to assemble professional looking, dynamic landing pages, complete with forms, validation rules, and so much more. The application is also fully integrated with and can automatically feed it with every new captured lead”, explains Martin Le Sauteur, CEO at Acquisio.

Marketers using the Acquisio SEARCH platform will now have complete control over the entire cycle of their clients’ marketing campaigns. Alexandre Pelletier, founder and former CEO of Emovendo, says “Not only does PageVester allow users to rapidly build and deploy professional landing pages, it also supports the creation and management of A/B tests with Google Website Optimizer”. A/B tests allow marketers to present alternating versions of the same page to its site visitors in order to determine which one provides the best ROI.

Marc Poirier adds “Tweaking ad copy and bids is essential stuff, but it will only take you so far. You need to work on  post-click activity. This is where PageVester comes in. It delivers instant value to its users by simplifying landing page creation and A/B test implementation.”

About Acquisio

Acquisio is the creator of Acquisio SEARCH ( a Software-as-a-Service solution designed specifically for on-line advertising agencies managing pay-per-click campaigns on Google, Yahoo and BING. Acquisio’s set of applications empowers campaign managers, allowing them to spend less time building and launching campaigns, and spend more time on strategy and intelligent campaign refinement.

# # #

Contact: Marc Poirier, Chief Marketing Officer
Acquisio inc.
450.465.2631 x210

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Autopsy of a great landing page execution

This morning, Marketo announced the online availability of The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing, a comprehensive Marketo workbook that delivers the practical advice and do-it-yourself guidance required to turn lead nurturing theory into practice. This is definitely a must read guide for anyone interested about lead nurturing.

The news is spread all over Twitter, which is good. But what really caught my attention is Marketo’s landing page execution. They really did a great job at capturing leads. The sequence is made of 3 pages and here are my observations for each one.

Marketo Landing Page 1

Marketo Landing Page 1

Landing page 1: Complete guide offer

The page has a quick description of the offer and why it is valuable. The guide is divided in 4 parts. The first part is given without registering (see red arrow on the left).

The second, third and fourth part will also be given but at a future date (see 3 red arrows on the right). Now that is the reason why the lead should complete the form. The compelling offer here is to register to get the full guide now. They are giving the lead a powerful incentive to register: get it now!

Second point, the form to capture information is located at the top right of the page. That make sure it is easy for the lead to see it and complete it to get the full version of the guide.

Third point: the most important content is above the fold (green line on the screenshot).

Lastly, they added trusted source to endorse the guide and gives a lot of credibility on the value of the content.

Quick comment about the menus: It is recommended that you strip any menus on your landing pages to make sure leads only go where you want them to go. But I would only recommend that if lead are coming from your website and already know you. In this case, the page is promoted in PR and is retweeted a lot. So a lot of visitors don’t know Marketo yet and this is why is better to leave all menus.

Marketo landing page 2

Landing page 2: Webinar offer

Instead of being redirected to a classical Thank you page after completing the form, the lead is taken to a second offer. This offer is directly related to the first one, in fact, it is a Webinar about the guide that the lead just downloaded. If the lead is interested to the guide, he will most probably be interested in the Webinar about the guide.

The cool thing about the landing page flow is that Marketo is using progressive profiling. Progressive profiling is the technique use to ask new questions to a lead when he come back.  Now on this second form, Marketo ask for State, # Employees, Industry.  This is a very good way to build leads profile without annoying them with all the same question again and again.

Note that now the header has change and there is no menus available. The lead now knows Marketo and is pushed in the direction where Marketo wants it.

Marketo landing page 3

Marketo landing page 3

Landing page 3: Thank you + blog subscription offer

Now that the lead has register to get the complete guide and to attend the Webinar, it is the time to thank the lead. But instead of leaving it there, Marketo just added a little extra, which does not require registering with them. They simply offer a quick RSS subscription to their blog, very little engagement from the lead but very valuable for Marketo to increase their blog subscription base.

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