Evaluate your social media “Expert” candidate in 10 questions!

On the same topic as my last post “What to look for when hiring a social media or an inbound marketer“, I found on Twitter a nice quick evaluation quiz to help validate the level of expertise of any potential candidate for a social media position. Thanks to Brian Carroll Retweet of Guy Kawasaki tweet form Alltop.

Here are the questions. Read the answers you should get  to make sure you have a “A” player…

1: Do you have a blog?
2: When did you start in social media?
3: What is social media?
4: What’s a social media campaign?
5: How do you monitor social media for a client?
6: How do you measure ROI?
7: How do you build an audience?
8: Do you offer a guarantee?
9: How did you learn all this stuff?
10: How does social media impact SEO?
Bonus question: How often do you write?

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Friday, July 31st, 2009 Inbound Marketing