Email is so old… Surf the new Wave!

For the vast majority of its users, email is a fairly new technology. But email was invented about 40 years ago, which is kind of old for a new technology. Think about it, email was actually invented way before the Internet itself was!

Is it possible to rethink the concept of communicating together in today’s landscape of communication channel such as: Instant messages, SMS,  Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and much more ???

YES, and the answer is: Google Wave !

I’m simply amazed by this new way of seeing communication and collaboration. The overall concept is quit simple. The email is a piece of information that circulates to one or multiple recipients as opposed to a Wave which is a unique object where users participate in a conversation.

Few months ago a friend of mine introduced me to Ubiquity from Mozilla Lab. I loved the idea of doing more with the browser. Now I believe that our friends at Google are taking it a couple step further.

Some additonnal ressources can be found on TechCrunch:

Can’t wait to actually use it.

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Monday, June 1st, 2009 Technology