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The value of a phone call to generate sales: 280$

Online Marketing the weapon to generate leads. But when it come down to generate actual sales, nothing can beat a phone call in the lead nurturing process.  Here a B2C example that worked:

I was having a beer with friends on a Friday happy hour when I suddenly receive a call from a Mexx clothing store. The person told me that a super 50% sale on everything was starting today. The person made me feel unique by telling me that this offer was for selected clients. I asked her what “Selected” mean and she says that because I had already purchased at their store, my name was in their database and they were contacting all of their customers.

Never the less, the day after, I went to the store, which is a 30 minutes drive from my home and I bought for 280$ of shirts and pants. On my way back, I drove by another Mexx store, literally 5 minute walk away from my home in Montreal and I realized that the super 50% sales was actually in every Mexx stores.

That made me wonder why I went so far when I could have go there at the first place. Furthermore, why did I actually buy some cloths? I was absolutely not planning any clothing purchase…

And because I’m a marketer and like this kind of situation, I dug a little deeper. I looked in my emails (I’m a subscriber to Mexx newsletter) and realized that I also received an email announcing about the 50% sales few days prior.

But neither the email nor the closest store made me think about purchasing cloths. The only driver is the phone call. Sure the 50% offer is very compelling, but I was exposed to it on other channel and it did not trigger the desire to buy.

I drove 30 minutes to spent 280$ simply because I got nurtured by phone. Period.

Lead Nurturing + Right Channel + Right Messaging or Compelling Offer = Sales

And Yes the phone is a strong channel when properly used…

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Best Practice: Lead Nurturing and Scoring and implementation

I’m looking to implement Lead Scoring in conjunction with our Lead Nurturing program. Typically, any lead that comes in goes in our 12 touch points nurturing program. We have exception for specific sources (ex: Trial request) in which case, the lead goes automatically to Sales without entering nurturing.

During the nurturing program, leads are score based on their behavior (open, click, page visit, etc…). Once a lead reaches the score threshold, it is transfer to Sales. Sales are reviewing the lead and have 3 choices:
a) Create an opportunity
b) Archive the lead (not a good fit or no interest)
c) Send back the lead to marketing for more nurturing

Couple of question to discuss:

1- When Sales are sending a lead back to marketing:
a. How do you affect the score? Do you reset it to “0” or reduce it by a certain amount of points?
b. How do you identify where the lead was in the nurturing program to continue at the same place once the lead is sent back to marketing?

2- If a lead reaches the threshold after 10 touch points and Sales send it back to marketing, the nurturing program continue but there is only 2 touch points left, if you diminish the score, it is most likely that this lead will never hit back the threshold… right? What are you doing to improve that?

3- We have planned our nurturing program with content to move the lead up in the revenue cycle. The first 4 touch points are for early stage, 5-8 are for mid stage and 9-12 are for late stage. If Sales are sending a lead that is mid stage back to marketing, how do you make sure this lead start the nurturing with the mid stage content instead of getting the first 4 touch points?

4- For reports purpose, after being sent back to marketing by Sales, if a lead reaches again the threshold, do you calculate these leads as “new leads” generated by marketing? If so, how do you tag them differently in your CRM?

5- If a lead never reaches the threshold after the 12 touch points, do you archive the lead as non-responsive and ultimately delete it?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts!

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Email is so old… Surf the new Wave!

For the vast majority of its users, email is a fairly new technology. But email was invented about 40 years ago, which is kind of old for a new technology. Think about it, email was actually invented way before the Internet itself was!

Is it possible to rethink the concept of communicating together in today’s landscape of communication channel such as: Instant messages, SMS,  Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and much more ???

YES, and the answer is: Google Wave !

I’m simply amazed by this new way of seeing communication and collaboration. The overall concept is quit simple. The email is a piece of information that circulates to one or multiple recipients as opposed to a Wave which is a unique object where users participate in a conversation.

Few months ago a friend of mine introduced me to Ubiquity from Mozilla Lab. I loved the idea of doing more with the browser. Now I believe that our friends at Google are taking it a couple step further.

Some additonnal ressources can be found on TechCrunch:

Can’t wait to actually use it.

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