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How much does a Hot Chocolate worth? At least 40$!

About 2 weeks before Christmas, my girlfriend and I were walking on the Street by a cold December day. Suddenly, a girl in front of a chocolate store offered us a free hot chocolate. No obligation. All we had to do was to walk in the store to pick it up. On our way in, we noticed all their Christmas shape chocolate. It was like fine art! We picked up our drinks and left without buying anything.

One week later, my girlfriend was still looking for last minute gifts and she suddenly remembered the Chocolate Store. She went back and actually bought for more than 40$ of chocolate gifts.

The initial offer was pleasant enough so we remembered it very well. If the offer would have been something like “Get a free Hot chocolate with a 10$ purchase” for example, we would have not even walk in the first time…

Marketing is all about creating a relation with customers. Not generating immediate revenues. I know it is kind of obvious, but I though a simple day-to-day life experience was cool to remind all of us!

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Friday, January 16th, 2009 Marketing 3,427 Comments