Contact Management

I finally made my mind about how I will manage my contacts. We all have business contact and family/friends contact. I was not sure if I should sync them between Google and Salesforce but after thinking about it, my call is yes. At first I was only updating my Salesforce contact to Google and not my Family/friends one. Than I realize that I was mainly updating my contact in Google because I was using mainly Google all day long. I was not going back to Salesforce just for update. It is more convenient to stay in Google and do it from there.

In order to avoid all contact everywhere in Salesforce, I created a new account called “Friends” and I imported all my “Family/friends” contact under that Account. Now I sync all contact between the 2 application with Appirio Personal Sync and I have always access to each of them. If a contact emails me his new cell phone, I simply update it in Google and it get sync to Salesforce.

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Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 Technology